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Dance to Health Safe Dance at Home Guidelines

It's great that you've joined one of our online sessions or would like to follow-along with our videos. 

Dancing at home is a bit different to being in a studio with the instructor right in front of you. We want to keep you safe and ensure you can take part fully in our fun sessions. Let's just check the following things are in place:

  • you have a suitably firm and upright chair
  • you have clear space around the chair, including above you and can spread your arms in every direction
  • your pets or other trip hazards are safely out of the way
  • you have a glass of water nearby
  • you have your phone within reach
  • you are wearing flat shoes (not slippers or bare feet) which are fastened securely to your feet
  • you have your theraband handy (or a tea towel/pair of tights)
  • you have informed a friend or relative that you are taking part in a session today

Remember to take the sessions at your own pace. You can stop and take a breather at any time. Our Dance Artists are skilled at modifying the activities to suit many levels of ability so make sure you wave and tell them if you need to take things down (or up!) a notch.

This short video clip is a quick reminder of the main points:


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