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What do you need to join in?

Working out how to use online services can feel a bit overwhelming. We understand this and have tried to make our service as simple as possible. Here are the key things you need:

  • Internet access
  • A working email address
  • A device such as laptop, PC or tablet which has a camera and speaker (all modern devices do, only a few old PCs don't).

Read below for details on what you need and how you can get help setting up for Dance to Health Online.

Internet access

If you are reading this webpage, you have access to the internet, but maybe you are in a public library or visiting a family member. To join Dance to Health Online, you need internet access in your home. If you do, you will have an account with a company like BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, PlusNet, Sky or one of the other large telecommunications companies in the UK. They provide broadband internet services alongside landline telephones and cable TV packages. You will have a box which receives the internet, telephone and TV signals. The box will either connect to your computer or laptop via a cable, or you will have wi-fi (wireless local transmission of signals) set up so your devices can access the internet without a cable.

You may have internet access on your mobile phone provided by your phone company; EE, Vodaphone, O2, GiffGaff or Three. All smart phones come with an app to view webpages on the internet, and one which receives emails. If you are not sure which apps these are, go to any phone shop and they will be able to help.

A working email address

You need to have an email address set up in order to join in with Dance to Health Online. We send out 'invitations' which let you join the online sessions by email. The company you use for internet access will often set up an email account for you. You may find you have an email address such as or

The company which made the software on your device will have included an app which stores your email messages. This is called a mailbox. Microsoft and Apple Mac computers come with a mailbox already installed. A mailbox shows up as a little envelope icon on the computer screen. You click on it with the screen pointer to open it.

Other ways to get an email address are through companies like Google (the service is called GMail), Yahoo (Yahoo Mail), or Hotmail. These email providers use a website which you log in to and read your email in an online mailbox. The website Digikick provides very simple tutorials which explain how to set up an email account. Click on this link here to watch a step by step guide which explains how to do this

You may have set up an email address years ago and never used it much. It's important that you check that this old email address still works. Some companies switch off unused email addresses and eventually delete them altogether to free up space for other users. If you haven't used it within the last 6 months please check it works.

First open your email mailbox and see if you have any messages. Then try emailing us at Dance to Health. Type in the 'To' bar, then type "testing email address" in the 'Subject' bar. You can send a blank email or you can say hello! We will send a reply and when you get it you will know your email account is still working. Please give us a day to reply as we get lots of emails about our Dance to Health sessions. Alternatively you can email a friend or family member and wait for a reply.

A camera and speaker on your device

You use a device such as a laptop, PC desktop computer, tablet or smart phone to access the internet. All recently made devices will have a speaker and microphone built into them. Some older laptops and PCs do not have a camera built in. How can you tell?

The camera is a small dot above the screen of your device. It is usually in the centre and built into the casing of your device. It lights up when the camera is active so you know it is switched on. Only you can turn the camera on. With the standard security features installed and active, no one can spy on you through your camera. You choose where the images from the camera go to. You can record yourself like a video recording to save and watch over again, or you can 'live-stream' yourself, like a live TV broadcast. Dance to Health Online sessions use this 'live-stream' function. 

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