Inter-generational fun at Congleton

Nov, 2019

Year 1 children from Buglawton Community Primary School have been visiting Congleton Dance to Health group.

In July, the Dance Artist Alicia Graham visited the school to suggest some inter-generational dancing, and the school were keen to come and dance with the group. Deputy Head Richard Jarvis brought a small group of children aged 5-6 years for several weeks in September, and now Year 2 children are taking a turn. It is hoped that all the year groups will be able to visit and dance with the group. The children and participants are loving it - it's been really wonderful to watch!

The sessions with the younger dancers have involved a wide range of activities and make use of partner work and props. They have been travelling to find a partner then mirroring actions (each take a turn); exploring playing with scarves, throw and catch, blow and catch; using lycra strips to connect with a partner and exploring rotation, swing, sway and turning/twisting. Then the adults teach them a short sequence called the ‘brain dance’ as it challenges the participants coordination and they have to remember the sequence! They all dance this altogether and then again with the children partnering an adult. 

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