Dancers celebrate in Macclesfield!

Jun, 2019

Dance to Health in Macclesfield, Cheshire recently held a celebration event at their regular venue, CORE (Church of the Resurrection) Community Centre. The event was organised to celebrate two recent successful funding bids and the transition to becoming a self-sustaining group.

The group held an inter-generational workshop which saw Dance to Health participants and volunteers dancing with small children of various ages.

It was a joyous event with everyone joining in, waving scarves, lunging and stretching, mirroring and dancing through arches. One young girl said it had simply been the ‘best afternoon ever’ and she had thoroughly enjoyed herself with her Grandma. Dance Artist Alicia,  who leads the group, expressed how amazing she finds teaching intergenerational work and seeing the different dynamics and enjoyment of everyone dancing together. It is something she hopes the group can do more of in the future.

Thanks to Jackie Larby and her friend Angie who volunteered their time and energy to successfully run the event and raise further money for the group by hosting a tombola and congratulations to Macclesfield for reaching the point of becoming a self-sustaining group - certainly something to celebrate!

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