Crowds attend Congleton Celebration

Jul, 2019

St Johns Community Centre in Congleton was packed to the rafters when over 70 people attended the Congleton Dance to Health groups' celebration event on Monday 8 July. 

Participants from both Dance to Health groups in Congleton (St Johns and URC), members of the general public, family and friends, the steering group, Nik Darwin from Public Health and even some local physiotherapists arrived to take part in the celebration. They had all come to find out more about the Dance to Health groups’ activities and to celebrate with them as they transition to become self-sustaining and self-run groups.

The fabulous dance team led by Sadie Walker and Alicia Graham and supported by Chloe Senior arranged a fun demonstration and they managed to get nearly everyone dancing and moving around. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a buffet lunch and watched the BBC Inside Out programme that aired in Autumn 2018, which featured Dance to Health, Alicia and the St Johns Congleton group.

It was a wonderful and fun afternoon and we were truly amazed at the turnout! Thanks to Peter and Margaret Houldsworth, Lisa Spencer, Adrian Browne and Reverend Murray George of the steering group for all their work in making it happen.

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