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Taking part in Dance to Health is an enjoyable way to stay fit, mobile, and improve balance and flexibility. 

Who is it for?

If you have fallen or are worried about falling then improving your health and fitness by strengthening your muscles and improving your flexibility and balance is key. The sessions will help with your aches and pains and your independence and quality of life. Dance to Health sessions are designed for both male and female participants.

Is it for me?

Dance to Health runs two programmes, called FAME and OTAGO. When enquiring about Dance to Health we will be able to advise on which course will be most suitable for you.

What happens during the sessions?

The sessions are led by fully trained dance professionals from recognised leading dance agencies. The dance artists have undertaken training in physiotherapy methods, they combine these with creativity, energy and movement of dance.

Each session is tailored to the needs and requirements of those participating. Usually a session begins with a seated warm-up, which mobilises the body and explores different ways of moving, there are then some more structured exercises, and a little bit of freestyle. After each session there is an opportunity to relax and catch up with other members over a cup of tea.

What do I have to do?

To achieve the full benefits, you need to attend for 50 hours over six months.

How long do the sessions last?

The sessions last up to 90 minutes with an extra 30 minutes for a well-earned cup of tea. Although we encourage particiaption in the whole session, you can do all or part of the session seated, if you feel yourself tiring, you can sit down or rest. People who already take part in Dance to Health tell us that they start to feel stronger after just a few sessions. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Do I need experience to take part?

No experience is required - just a willingness to participate!

How do I join a class?

To join your local Dance to Health class please call your Local Coordinator for an informal discussion to establish whether the class is suitable for you

At your first class you will be welcomed by the Dance Artist leading the session and our volunteers. They will help you to complete the paperwork and will monitor you closely throughout the class to see how you get on. At the end they will have a short discussion with you about the class and the next steps to take.

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If you would like to help out and volunteer with Dance to Health, please see our Volunteer pages.

Take Part in Dance to Health
“It’s not just physical, it’s good for me mentally too”
Deva Point, Chester
“I enjoyed it because I didn’t realise how much mobility I still had, it gives me hope. It made me feel free.”
Deva Point, Chester

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