How to use our follow-along videos:

  1. Check you are wearing suitable clothes and shoes
  2. Check you have enough space around you
  3. Find a suitable hard backed chair
  4. Keep safe - is there someone else in the house with you or can you let a friend know you are exercising?
  5. Keep safe - have your phone nearby incase you need to call someone.

Remember to follow along at your own pace and stop if you feel pain, dizzy and unwell. 


Video 1: Mobilisation and Warm-up with Charlotte Haddon - approximately 11 minutes.


Video 2: Gentle Mobilisation with Lucy Haighton - 7 minutes 


Video 3: Ankle Strength and Balance with Bettina Carpi - 9 minutes


Video 4: Sit to Stand and Squats with Xenoula Eleftheriades - 10 minutes

Video 5: Arm Strength with Bettina Carpi


"Falls are extremely traumatic for older people. NICE estimates the Falls cost to the NHS at more than £2.3 billion per year. The public health system faces acute budgetary pressure and increased demand from older people."
Tim Joss, Founder and Chief Executive

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