Commission Dance to Health


Why Commission Dance to Health?

Dance to Health is:

Enjoyable – using high quality dance, it is creative, social, fun and celebratory. 

Evidence based – underpinned by over 50 randomised controlled trials and two meta-analyses. 

Effective – it reduces falls significantly and is an attractive alternative to repetitive exercise.

Cost effective – no money is wasted on programmes which are not evidence-based; better retention and adherence; the maintenance programmes sustain a reduced chance of falls at no cost to the health system; Dance to Health is delivered in groups, not one-to-one; volunteers are involved; older people’s dance reduce GP visits by 50%.

Delivered by specially trained dance artists – All have been trained by Later Life Training, the leading trainer of older people’s exercise instructors.

National – Dance to Health has been designed as a service that can be rolled out nationally, in partnership with dance organisations supported by Arts Council England. 

How to commission Dance to Health?

To discuss commissioning Dance to Health, please contact Tim Joss, Chief Executive (07841 732766 or 

Each local Dance to Health programme has two elements: a commissioned Improvement Programme and an ongoing Maintenance Programme free of health funding.

Improvement Programme (the commissioned ‘treatment’): FaME- or Otago-based dance programme. FaME can accommodate 20 participants, and Otago 12. The evidence requires 50 hours over six months. Older people are referred to the service and/or recruited by Dance to Health and its partners: an Arts Council England-recognised local dance agency and a local host organisation expert in working with older people.

Maintenance Programme: a local ongoing Dance to Health group, free of health funding and part of the Dance to Health family. It receives dance, falls and organisational support from Dance to Health and its local partners. Dance to Health takes responsibility for costs of set-up and transition to sustainability. 


Commission Dance to Health
"Falls are extremely traumatic for older people. NICE estimates the Falls cost to the NHS at more than £2.3 billion per year. The public health system faces acute budgetary pressure and increased demand from older people."
Tim Joss, Founder and Chief Executive