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Becoming a venue host partner 

Dance to Health works with a local dance agency and a venue host partner to identify a suitable space and location for the delivery of the sessions. We currently work with Birmingham Royal Ballet, Yorkshire Dance, South East Dance, Dance East, Cheshire Dance, National Dance Company Wales and various venues partners including sheltered housing and health and well-being centres.

The benefits of becoming a host:

- Dance to Health offers older people choice – an alternative way to improve strength and balance, and deliver falls prevention.
- Dance to Health adds a new activity to your programme with this exciting new initiative.
- Dance to Health is at the forefront of important work reducing falls and improving health and wellbeing for older people.

How to become a venue host partner?

A Dance to Health programme consists of up to two sessions per week.  Each 2 hours – 90 minutes of activity and 30 minutes for refreshments and socialising. Each session is led by a Dance Artist and Assistant Dance Artist, along with Peer Motivators (older volunteers who offer peer support to the group).

If you would like to host a Dance to Health group, we will provide:

- Fully trained dance artists to lead every session.
- Advice and support to set up the Dance to Health group.
- Support for the Dance to Health group to continue, grow and stay fresh and successful.
- Publicity materials and branding.

The venue host partner is responsible for providing:

- Venue (see location requirements below).
- Refreshments – drinking water available during the session and tea, coffee and biscuits served for the 30 minutes social time.
- Transport for participants where appropriate.
- Helping with recruitment and ongoing support of participants. 
- Local celebration event to mark the end of the 6 month improvement programme (in discussion with the group and the dance artists).

Location requirements:

Aesop and the local Dance Agency will work with the venue host partner to identify a suitable space and location for the delivery.

Requirements are:

- Non carpeted floor preferred – ideally a sprung wooden floor, but can be lino or wood – but if carpeted, it must be smooth and fitted,
- Minimum 12m x 12m room
- Power socket for sound system (music provided by the artist)
- Drinking water available during sessions
- Chairs available for everyone
- Clean, temperature controlled and bright

If interested in becoming a venue host partner, please contact Karen Hamilton, Head of Programme  (07979 060 896 or
Host Dance to Health
"Stuart has studied massage and sports injury and done quite a lot of body work since he was victim of a hit a run accident and incurred a head injury.  Since then he has struggled with his balance and can be quite unsteady on his feet at times.  After 4 weeks of Dance to Health he can really notice the difference in his balance and get up out of a chair without stumbling or swaying."
Karen Hamilton, Project Manager Dance to Health
Banbury Health